• EE-HUB launched 6 new national HUBs in Central and Eastern Europe

    19 February 2018

    Following the success of Italy, the EE-HUB (Entrepreneurship Education NETwork) launched six new national HUBs in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Turkey. In collaboration with the national JA organisations and Citi Foundation under their Pathways to Progress initiative, these clusters are helping to move entrepreneurship education forward on the ground.

  • Governments keen to invest more in entrepreneurship education

    24 November 2017

    What more has to be done to include entrepreneurship in school programmes in Europe? Leading educationists and government officials from 9 European countries (Belgium, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Italy, Latvia, Norway, Romania, and Turkey) attended a round table in Tallinn on 17 November at the invitation of the EE-HUB to grapple with this question. Their answers are set to guide the work of the EE-HUB and Europe’s policymakers in the months and years to come.

  • First ever European Summit for entrepreneurship education

    13 July 2017

    #SwitchOnEurope #EEhubEU   

    • The first ever European Summit for Entrepreneurship Education took place on 11-12 July, bringing together 700 people from more than 40 countries with participants of all ages from 15 and up. 

    • Participants were invited to contribute to addressing the main challenge of Europe today: how to make Europe more competitive by making entrepreneurship education available to more young people.

    • To that end, a new phase of the European Network for Entrepreneurship Education (EE-HUB) was launched, establishing the network as a permanent European Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning in Brussels

    •The purpose of the centre is to mobilize policymakers and stakeholders to increase the penetration rate of entrepreneurship education to 35% by 2030

  • Time to ‘Switch On Europe’ – EE-HUB Round Table

    04 May 2017

    On 4 May, a special EE-HUB round table took place at the European Parliament to officially launch the ‘Switch On Europe’ campaign, dedicated to raising awareness of the need for further developing entrepreneurship education to boost jobs and growth in Europe.

  • Switch On Europe!

    24 April 2017

    Join us on 25 April from 8.30 to 12.30 in front of EU institutions, calling on policy-makers for more support to develop entrepreneurial mindsets in Europe. Help us #SwitchOnEurope!

  • European Platform for Financial Education Launched

    22 February 2017

    A group of nine European organisations and associations have today launched a new European Platform for Financial Education. The initiative aims to promote the need for financial education and to boost financial literacy in Europe, particularly among young people and entrepreneurs. It also seeks to encourage EU-level leadership in this field.

  • EE-HUB round tables across Europe

    30 January 2017

    A series of 5 round tables took place under the umbrella of the EE-HUB so far. The purpose of these peer learning activities is to stimulate and speed up progress in the field of entrepreneurship education by taking the good practices and its success factors into an outreach and sharing process. 

  • EE-HUB Italy: the first national EE-HUB

    25 January 2017

    Following the creation of the European HUB for entrepreneurship education (EE-HUB) in 2015, JA Italy launched the first national EE-HUB, ‘EE-HUB Italy’, in Rome on 16 January 2017.

  • EE-HUB Round Table, Rome, Italy

    19 January 2017

    On 16 January, JA Europe together with JA Italy and the Italian Ministry of Education (MIUR) hosted a special round table in Rome, Italy. The meeting gathered over 90 participants from various fields, including Ministry representatives from nine European countries, along with business leaders, and educators.

  • Business confirms young people are not equipped with key financial skills they need to start their working lives

    27 September 2016

    JA Europe and Visa Europe launch a new report on financial education that analyses the gap between young people’s financial capability and employers’ needs in terms of financial skills and knowledge.

  • High-level round table "Celebrating Entrepreneurship Education", Riga 22-23 Sept 2016

    22 September 2016

    The high-level round table “Celebrating Entrepreneurship Education” took place in Riga (Latvia) on September 22-23.

  • EE-HUB Webinars coming up!

    04 April 2016

    The EE-HUB experts gathered more than 60 good practices over the past year and now it's time to share the recommendations, the findings and the good practices in a series of dissemination events (webinars and roundtables).

  • Linking schools with businesses is win-win

    02 June 2015

    We need to increase the interaction between the education and the business community. We know both sides want to increase the cooperation, but it seems like there is a need for a “broker” in the middle, says Caroline Jenner.

  • Pushing for entrepreneurial change at policy level

    14 May 2015

    SMEs and startups need a change at the policy level and the EE-HUB wants to help that process.

  • Moving entrepreneurship education forward in Europe

    06 May 2015

    50 entrepreneurship experts and 13 MEP Ambassadors are behind the European Entrepreneurship Education NETwork, the first pan-European body dedicated to moving entrepreneurship education forward in Europe.

  • European expert NETwork established to increase uptake of entrepreneurship education in Europe

    15 April 2015

    A new initiative aims to promote entrepreneurship education and make policy recommendations that can be put into effect by national school systems.

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