EE-HUB Italy: the first national EE-HUB

25 January 2017

Following the creation of the European HUB for entrepreneurship education (EE-HUB) in 2015, JA Italy launched the first national EE-HUB, ‘EE-HUB Italy’, in Rome on 16 January 2017.

The Italian EE-HUB is a multi-stakeholder network designed to amplify the work and recommendations of the EE-HUB experts. Created with the support of the Italian Pact4Youth Action, it currently involves 17 partner organisations. Under the leadership of JA Italy and through the involvement and active participation of business leaders and institutions, the EE-HUB Italy intends to become a promoter of a new educational policy based on the acquisition of the spirit of initiative and entrepreneurship as a strategic skill to harness from an early age at school.

“The concrete collaboration between the enterprise world and schools activated with the School-Work Exchange programme will certainly bring a great change and will open to new opportunities, but this is only possible if quality partnerships can be created. This is the reason why, we look for an education system in which entrepreneurship education can be accessible to everyone. 

As promoter of the Italian Entrepreneurship Education Hub (EE-HUB), that has already involved different companies and institutions, we not only intend to consider and to spread the most effective initiatives of entrepreneurial education, but we also want to develop a vertical curriculum for primary, middle and high schools". This the call of Eliana Baruffi, Chairman of Junior Achievement Italia, that invites companies to join this network.

Why an EE-HUB in Italy?

  • To invest in Youth, to ensure their employability, and increase innovation and social cohesion in our Italy.
  • To encourage the labour market and institutions, within the School-Work Exchange Platform, to activate Entrepreneurship Education initiatives in a multi-stakeholder approach
  • To select qualitative partnerships between Schools and Businesses as models to be replicated at local or National level.


  • Collaborate on the development of a national policy strategy that more effectively integrates entrepreneurship education in the education plans within the school- exchange framework and offer a quality contribution to the debate already going on in Europe, sharing good practices.  
  • Facilitate the establishment of quality partnerships between business and the education system, aimed at the acquisition of entrepreneurial skills among students, offering experiences that have proved successful, scalable and effective, and monitoring the results with concrete effects on the skill gap reduction.
  • Promote research on the social and economic impact of entrepreneurship education to develop active economic citizenship in young people in Italy.


  • Evaluation and validation of entrepreneurship education initiatives
  • Creation of a Progression Model for schools
  • Definition of a legal framework for EE-HUB in Italy

With this initiative, the EE-HUB is spurring the creation of national hubs to increase the dialogue between stakeholders in the field at national level as well as to strengthen EE-HUB Italy as an important step to disseminate the EE-HUB’s value proposition and to increase the outreach of its activities.

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