Peer Learning

It is important for economic and social development in Europe to offer more and better EE opportunities as well as to have more women pursue entrepreneurial activities. JA Europe participated in a European Commission-funded project with the main objective to “help increasing coordination between different actors, as well as, the exchange of experiences between countries, and to facilitate the setting up or improvement of strategies to promote entrepreneurship” in the areas of Entrepreneurship Education (EE) and Women's Entrepreneurship (WE).

The strategic objective of this project was “the cross-European dissemination and transfer of best practice in developing national and regional strategies and actions to offer young people effective education in entrepreneurship, and to support women entrepreneurs”.

The project consortium organised six pan-European workshops in 2019-2021, in order to enhance mutual learning and to explore possible collaborations in specific areas both between countries and between stakeholders and contributing to designing new European and national strategies for the promotion of EE and WE.

Final reports now available! Find them below:


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