EE-HUB round tables across Europe

30 January 2017

A series of 5 round tables took place under the umbrella of the EE-HUB so far. The purpose of these peer learning activities is to stimulate and speed up progress in the field of entrepreneurship education by taking the good practices and its success factors into an outreach and sharing process. 



Riga, Latvia, 22-23 September 2016

The Riga Round Table was embedded in a 2-day conference focusing on the impact of Entrepreneurship Education. The event organised by JA Europe gathered 20 Ministry representatives from 12 European countries who together with EE-HUB experts discussed the progress on entrepreneurship education at national level and, based on that, provided feedback on the policy recommendations drafted by the EE-HUB Network. Read more   

Brussels, Belgium, 27 September 2016  

JA Europe partnered with Visa to prepare a round table to present and discuss the results of a research project on financial education. The EE-HUB established an ad hoc financial education working group to advise on the research looking into financial skills most needed today and how important they are in entrepreneurship and the workforce. The effort combined a pan-European survey of 445 members of the business /financial community and 5 national case studies from Poland, Romania, Spain, Turkey, and UK. Read more  

Šibenik, Croatia, 17 October, 2016

The EE-HUB round table organised by SEECEL aimed to present different perspectives on how to achieve an ‘ecosystem’ approach to entrepreneurship education, which involves looking not only at policy and the curriculum, but also at a range of other areas such as strategy definition, multi-stakeholder cooperation, the institutional culture of educational institutions, teacher/school management training, guidance for students as well as monitoring and evaluation. The event gathered Small Business Act coordinators and other representatives of ministries of education and/or economy from eight countries of South East Europe and Turkey, as well as representatives from local government (City of Šibenik), international organisations and other international experts. 

Bratislava, Slovakia, 24 November 2016 

The round table in Bratislava was held in the framework of the annual SME Assembly, which is the go-to event for SMEs in Europe and those that support them. Organised by EUROCHAMBRES, it discussed entrepreneurship education in a wider context linked with the search for methods on how to make SME policy work on the ground, in order for Europe's SMEs to really thrive. The event brought together 16 SME envoys (Ministers of Economy, business development, and or high-level officers in such ministries) together other EU stakeholders that provided input to feed the recommendations of the EE-HUB. 

Rome, Italy, 16 January 2017 

JA Europe together with JA Italy and the Italian Ministry of Education (MIUR) hosted a special round table looking at the importance of creating quality school- business partnerships. Starting from the new policy developments in Entrepreneurship Education in the country (the School-Work Exchange programme), the EE-HUB experts presented the policy recommendations focusing on the efforts needed at European, national, and school level to strengthen a close link between the education and the world of work. Read more  


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