Women's Entrepreneurship

Third Peer-Learning Workshop in Women’s Entrepreneurship

Throughout the day, all participants worked diligently on refining and finalising the proposed actions at local, regional and European level to tackle the most pressing issues of women´s entrepreneurship (WE).

The workshop program was packed with individual group work, panel discussions and plenary sessions with expert appearances.

Participants were split according to their preference and matter of expertise into four breakout groups focused on key priority areas:

  1. The Entrepreneurial education group worked on the actions of promoting entrepreneurship as a career path and ensuring entrepreneurial experience early at school.
  2. Under the Role models and awareness raising theme, the participants were defining the way forward to run the EU-driven media campaign through various channels.
  3. The Finance group elaborated on the actions of setting up a funding platform for female entrepreneurs and establishing educational programmes addressing the skills gaps of female entrepreneurs.
  4. The participants of the Umbrella organisation and networks group concentrated on enhancing WEgate as a European umbrella organisation for WE and advancing the dialogue of WE stakeholders with specific common goals.

Another theme frequently resonating among the invited experts and stakeholders to all three workshops relates to the importance and availability of the data on women´s entrepreneurship. As a result, a fifth horizontal theme was proposed: WE data collection.

The 3rd Peer-Learning Workshop on Women’s Entrepreneurship was accompanied by Live Sessions on WEgate and Access to finance by female entrepreneurs. In addition, before and after the workshop, registered participants could access the Online Community offering many engaging activities and opportunities for networking.

In the upcoming months, the project team will finalise and publish the project outcomes, such as the Guide for Fostering Women’s Entrepreneurship in Europe, defining the actions to improve environment for female entrepreneurs. The Policy Recommendations for Fostering Women’s Entrepreneurship will then provide a starting point for stakeholder groups that strive to influence WE in individual thematic areas.

Should you have comments or questions regarding the project outcomes, do not hesitate to contact us at: women.entrepreneurship@cz.ey.com.


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