SPECIFIC WEBINAR: Raising entrepreneurship skills - European Chambers of Commerce working with schools and universities

Thursday, 03 November 2016 from 13:00-13:45 CET 

Agenda & Speakers

1. Introduction about the EE-HUB

2. Initiatives of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce for entrepreneurship education by Isabel Cuesta Rodriguez, Chamber of Commerce of Cantabria & EE-HUB Expert

3. Practical examples of entrepreneurship courses by Thomas Cooney, Dublin Institute of Technology & EE-HUB Expert


Background & Main Outcomes

Including entrepreneurship education at all levels of education (from pre-school through to higher education) is essential to provide children and youth with knowledge, skills and attitudes that will enable them to confidently ‘turn ideas into action’. A close cooperation of the education and business sectors, facilitated by business intermediaries such as chambers of commerce is key to reach this aim.

In this webinar participants acquired: 

• An awareness of the EE-HUB initiative;

• An understanding of the usefulness of an interaction between students and the business sector; 

• An understanding of the role of Chambers of Commerce in raising entrepreneurship skills;

• An overview of existing projects in Chambers of Commerce to raise entrepreneurship skills.


Missed the webinar?

Slideshow used in the webinar HERE

Video record of the webinar HERE

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