Women's Entrepreneurship

Second Peer-Learning Workshop in Women’s Entrepreneurship

The workshop built on the outcomes of the first workshop that took place in Prague in 2019 (WE1 WS) and on the feedback from the pre-workshop survey among registered participants. The event was further supported by the online community activities during three weeks before the workshop. The workshop objective was threefold:

First, to review and prioritise actions across four themes developed during the first workshop that took place in Prague in 2019 (WE1 WS):

(1) Entrepreneurial education,

(2) Role models and awareness raising,

(3) Finance and financial literacy,

(4) Umbrella organisation and networks.

Second, to break the solutions down into specific attributes and elements through learning from the peers in the workshop.

Third, to convert the proposed solutions into next steps and actions. As a result, the workshop participants elaborated eight actions, two for each specific solution. For each action, the participants defined key enablers, matched EntreComp competencies, identified key stakeholders as well as actionable next steps and recommendations for implementation.

EY designed the virtual format of the workshop and was responsible for the main facilitation as well as technical organisation. The immediate feedback of participants gathered during and after the workshop was overall very positive. A dynamic workshop flow and the sense of urgency, that was raised by time boxing, kept the participants engaged and focused. Smaller groups of people in breakout groups led to a great collaborative atmosphere and peer-learning experience by including everyone's view.

The project team will carefully analyse the outcomes of the second workshop. The outcomes will serve as basis for the last online workshop taking place in spring 2021. The third Peer-Learning Workshop in Women’s Entrepreneurship will focus on finalising potential actions to support women entrepreneurship as well as identifying a level of impact of these action on EU, COSME, regional and local level.

Should you wish to take part in shaping the outcomes of the project or share your policymaking experience with any of the women’s entrepreneurship themes introduced above, do not hesitate to contact us at: women.entrepreneurship@cz.ey.com.

Project Newsletter No. 4, December 2020 - Download PDF



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