Partnership: role of businesses, private associations and organization

Aim of the group:

Entrepreneurship education is a system in which multiple stakeholders play key roles, and actors outside of education systems are having an increasingly critical role. A thriving entrepreneurship ecosystem requires collaboration and multi-stakeholder partnerships, particularly between academia and business. These links between schools and business are important, not only in order to ensure that the curriculum is relevant, but also in providing role models, mentorship and expertise.

The group of experts will look into:


  1. Jan Muehlfeit (chair)
  2. Alessandro Cenderello
  3. Audrey Frith
  4. Juergen Siebel
  5. Michael Mercieca
  6. Michał Dżoga
  7. Nick Jones
  8. Piotr Pluta
  9. George Assonitis
  10. Isabel Cuesta Rodríguez
  11. Omar Cutajar
  12. Carlos Talamas

Secretariat: Diana Filip

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