National Policy Framework

Aim of the group:

This group will focus on understanding the evolution of strategies through their initial, intermediate and mature stages. They will gather examples from across Europe and possibly beyond, analyze the good practices that could make entrepreneurship education available for every student in school and then make recommendations for policy makers on how to implement these practices in national education strategies.


  1. Anette Järvpõld(rapporteur)
  2. Andrea Rosalinde Hofer
  3. Andre Roos
  4. Friederike Soezen (chair)
  5. Heinz Willi Räpple
  6. Monika Karamalakou-Lappa
  7. Slavica Singer
  8. Karen Wilson
  9. Christian Vintergaard
  10. Radmil Polenakovik

Secretariat: Caroline Jenner

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