Andre Roos Policy Advisor at Ministry of Economic Affairs in The Netherlands

Andre Roos is the Policy Advisor at Ministry of Economic Affairs in The Netherlands Andre is currently responsible for entrepreneurship education and knowledge transfer and utilization and the Dutch member of the ERAC work group Knowledge Transfer and Open Innovation.

He is in close contact with the universities tech transfer organisations, incubators and the Centers for Entrepreneurship which stimulate entrepreneurship for higher education students through various activities like the Global Entrepreneurship Week.

Andre stimulates entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship education at all education levels, from primary schools to universities. He works closely together with the science and education ministry and several major stakeholders like the Foundation for Young Entrepreneurs, Stichting Jong Ondernemen.

After working with the Dutch Association for the Chemical Industries and the Dutch Agency of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, he became an expert in international licensing and transnational technology transfer. He put together several successful international events, networks and other SME-projects and became deputy manager of his unit.

After a short period working in the telecom industries, Andre continued his career at the Ministry’s Innovation Department as the account manager for Philips and co-developed new approaches in stimulating innovation.

After that he occupied an interim position at the office assisting the Dutch Innovation Platform chaired by the prime minister where he worked on increasing the foreign R&D investments in The Netherlands and developing open innovation campus concepts. Then he joined the entrepreneurship department where he is active now.

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