ROUND TABLE: Celebrating Entrepreneurship Education (hosted by JA Europe)

The high-level round table “Celebrating Entrepreneurship Education” organised by JA Europe together with JA Latvia took place in Riga (Latvia).

This special 3-in-1 event on entrepreneurship education gathered policy makers from 12 European countries, EE-HUB experts and 40 school representatives from 17 countries and it covered: 

Research: The Innovation Cluster for Entrepreneurship Education (ICEE)

Policy: The European Entrepreneurship Education Network Roundtable (EE-HUB)

Schools The Entrepreneurial School Awards 2016


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tes awards

The EE-HUB is a focal point for entrepreneurship education in Europe, bringing together experts at regional, national and European level. Through multiple channels, the experts in the EE-HUB have collected, analysed and recommended “good practice” from the field from multiple countries. The network is an advisory body to politicians and EU institutions. Representatives from 15 - 20 national ministries across Europe and from the European Commission will participate.

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The Entrepreneurial School Awards is annual recognition of the outstanding primary and secondary schools championing entrepreneurship education.  The award was introduced in 2015 when 11 schools from 11 countries joined the ceremony in the European Parliament in Brussels. This year the event is in Riga, with even more nominees.

The Innovation Cluster for Entrepreneurship Education (ICEE) is a large field trial on the general impact of entrepreneurship education and how we can ensure that every young person has a practical entrepreneurial experience before leaving compulsory education. Policy makers, ICEE partners and representatives of the schools involved in the field trials are invited to participate. During the event in Riga the interim results of the ICEE Innovation Clusters will be shared.

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