SPECIFIC WEBINAR: Entrepreneurial skills for teachers in vocational education

Tuesday, 31 January 2017 from 15:00-16:00 CET 

Agenda & speakers

1. Introduction of the EE-HUB project

2. Presentation and discussion of the good practice “Teacherpreneur”

3. Experiences in training by Henk Paul Hegeman, Teacher and working on A12, school for  Vocational Education, business department, Ede, the Netherlands  

4. Training teachers in getting entrepreneurial. What do you need to make this possible by John Bakker, expert from the Training Company “GrijpDeBuitenkans” Barendrecht, the Netherlands

5. Discussion on how to achieve more entrepreneurial teachers

Moderator(s): Jos van Kollenburg and Manfred Polzin, EUproVET 


Background & Main Outcomes

Following the EE-HUB Good Practice “Teachpreneur”, the speakers showed more examples on how to set up training programmes for teachers, not only in business studies, but also other vocational studies. Learning and stimulating entrepreneurial behaviour in the earliest stage is important and has to be recognised by the teachers. This is only possible when teachers are entrepreneurial themselves. Based on the presentations, the participants discussed: 

• How to improve the entrepreneurial skills by teachers and what can be done to train entrepreneurial behaviour and sensitivity?

• How to get entrepreneurial experience by having short time work placements in companies for teachers to learn about basic skills for entrepreneurship? 


Missed the webinar?

Video record of the webinar HERE

Presentation HERE

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