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    Bridging the skills gap with entrepreneurship education

    Martina DLABAJOVÁ, Member of the European Parliament

    Many people might think that entrepreneurship is only about setting up one's own company. This is not so much the truth. It is also about the citizen's mind-set to act actively in an ever changing world which beside opportunities brings also many threats. Of course, we all are not meant to be entrepreneurs, but we need to acquire an entrepreneurial spirit, an entrepreneurial attitude towards crucial choices in our lives.

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    Entrepreneurial Learning: formal vs. in- and non-formal education and training

    Professor Dr. Radmil Polenakovikj, Business Start-up Centre, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University

    "Entrepreneurship and Innovation is for all" - This is my motto.

    Entrepreneurs are made, not born. It is true that not everybody has the same entrepreneurial spirit, some people are more entrepreneurial than others.

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    Why is entrepreneurship so important in education

    Manfred Polzin, Senior Policy Advisor International Affairs, EUproVET

    How to ensure that education delivers the right skills for the labour market and the growth of entrepreneurship, while delivering support to young people to secure their economic future and enable businesses to grow and create new jobs. Can we learn entrepreneurship and why is it so important?

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    New Pedagogy and Entrepreneurship Education

    Karin Jaanson, Adviser at the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research

    In a rapidly changing world driven primarily by technology, the calls for changing education paradigms and the ways in which we educate our children get louder and louder. This is mainly because neither children nor teachers are happy at school, and employers are unsatisfied with the skills of graduates when they enter the labour market.

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    Entrepreneurship Education: shared meanings and understandings and their implications

    Frank Hennessey, Head of Business Studies at St. Mary’s University College in UK

    Some of you may know the old joke “10 people understand binary, those that do and those that do not.”

    For too long there has been a binary, at least, approach to Entrepreneurship Education, (EE) which we need to address, and do so, as a matter of urgency. Over the years I have been fortunate to attend a number of EU sponsored conferences addressing EE. A consistent feature of these conferences has been the wide divergence of interpretation of what is meant by EE.

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