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    Relevant education and rigorous assessment

    Kåre Moberg, Senior Researcher for the Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship-Young Enterprise Denmark

    Is it possible to assess the impact of entrepreneurship education? Some would say that this is fairly simple whereas others believe it to be impossible. Many researchers take a position somewhere in between.

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    Empowering Entrepreneurs to Exploit the Digitization Phenomenon

    Piotr Pluta, Director Corporate Affairs - EMEAR

    The entrepreneurial spirit enables innovation, growth, and prosperity around the world and helps transform the economic and social landscape. Digital technology-based entrepreneurship can encourage innovative solutions and business opportunities to address challenges, enable personal achievement and business success, and help create jobs to grow and sustain local economies.

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    Opening Young Minds to Entrepreneurship through Education

    Alessandro Cenderello, EY Managing Partner for EU Institutions

    In the aftermath of the global financial and economic crisis, unemployment has particularly affected  youth. The high number of unemployed youth has persisted and presents a barrier to further progress.

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    Can an economic crisis advance Greece’s entrepreneurial culture?

    George Assonitis, Advisor on European Affairs at the Union of Hellenic Chambers of Commerce and Industry

     “Greek society and its respective leaders should stop being hostile towards entrepreneurship," recently declared the Mayor of Thessaloniki, Yiannis Boutaris, during a presentation of three dynamic businesses in the Athens Stock Exchange. Boutaris’ statement perfectly sums up the political and social attitudes towards entrepreneurship in Greece.

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    Entrepreneurship Education: Theory or Practice?

    Francesco Rullani, Assistant Professor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at LUISS University

    The first time I was asked to prepare a syllabus for a course on entrepreneurship I stared at the blank sheet for a while. The main dilemma I had was how to teach it. While studying the topic, I encountered many ideas, theories, hints and cases, but in that moment I had to select the right pieces and compose a meaningful picture. Basically, I was uncertain of which teaching method to use, and more importantly, connecting it with the content I had to deliver.

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