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    Entrepreneurship - a voyage not a destination

    Radovan Živković, Head of the VET Department at the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, Republic of Serbia

    According to official statistics, the unemployment rate for young people in Serbia is currently around 40%. While it is one of the biggest problems facing the country, a similar issue can also be found in other countries in the Western Balkans, and indeed across Europe.

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    ICEE Articles on Entrepreneurship Education

    The Innovation Cluster for Entrepreneurship Education (ICEE)

    The Innovation Cluster for Entrepreneurship Education (ICEE) is an international research project aiming to analyse the impact of entrepreneurship education and understand what is needed to reach the European goal, which is that every young person should have a practical entrepreneurial experience before leaving compulsory education.

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    New winds in Entrepreneurship Education

    Maja Jukić and Ines Elezović, National Centre for External Evaluation of Education in Croatia

    In the last decade there is inclination within the Croatian society to promote entrepreneurship as social, economic and educational value. This acceptance of entrepreneurial values can be seen in national-level documents in both area of economy and education.

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    Can Europe learn entrepreneurship?

    Margherita Bacigalupo, Research Fellow at the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission

    Entrepreneurship is like happiness: everybody wants it but each one has a different idea of what it is about. 

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    Europeans need more financial literacy and a renewed entrepreneurial mindset

    Emilian Pavel, Member of the European Parliament

    I was deeply honored to deliver the keynote speech at the EU-HUB’s Financial Education Roundtable in Brussels this week. Congratulations Junior Achievement Europe and thank you for inviting me! Your organization is doing a splendid job in an area very close to my heart and you have all my support!
    For those interested, please read my remarks below.

    So, what is financial education?

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