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    Why financial education should be compulsory for all students?

    Anne-Lise Cuypers, Pedagogical Advisor for Catholic Schools in Limbourg and Antwerp/ Teacher Training Expert

    Financial education is becoming increasingly important in our society, and not just for companies and investors - it is becoming essential for the average consumer trying to decide how to balance his budget and ensure an income when he retires.

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    Entrepreneurial Education opportunities across the curriculum

    Malcolm Hoare, Professor of Enterprise Education in Schools, Institute of Education, University of Derby

    Research suggests that entrepreneurial  education in schools  works best when it is embedded across the whole curriculum rather than as a ‘bolt on’ added extra.

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    Relevant education and rigorous assessment

    Kåre Moberg, Senior Researcher for the Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship-Young Enterprise Denmark

    Is it possible to assess the impact of entrepreneurship education? Some would say that this is fairly simple whereas others believe it to be impossible. Many researchers take a position somewhere in between.

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    Empowering Entrepreneurs to Exploit the Digitization Phenomenon

    Piotr Pluta, Director Corporate Affairs - EMEAR

    The entrepreneurial spirit enables innovation, growth, and prosperity around the world and helps transform the economic and social landscape. Digital technology-based entrepreneurship can encourage innovative solutions and business opportunities to address challenges, enable personal achievement and business success, and help create jobs to grow and sustain local economies.

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    Opening Young Minds to Entrepreneurship through Education

    Alessandro Cenderello, EY Managing Partner for EU Institutions

    In the aftermath of the global financial and economic crisis, unemployment has particularly affected  youth. The high number of unemployed youth has persisted and presents a barrier to further progress.

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