Malcolm Hoare Professor of Enterprise Education in Schools, Institute of Education, University of Derby

Malcolm is Visiting Professor of Enterprise Education in Schools at the University of Derby and Visiting Professor of Enterprise Education at Lappeenranta University, Finland.
Malcolm worked as a teacher in secondary schools for twenty-three years before moving into higher education, first at Durham University Business School (DUBS) before joining the Centre for Education and Industry (CEI) at the University of Warwick. Malcolm led a team that worked with schools across England, ensuring best use of the CEI Enterprise Education Quality Framework. He joined the University of Derby in  2015.
Malcolm was a member of the team organising the high reflection panel for the European Commission on teacher training for enterprise and entrepreneurship for delegates from thirty European nations in Budapest in Spring 2011,Dublin in Autumn 2011 and Ljubljana in Summer 2012 . Subsequent to these events , he contributed to the final report, ‘Budapest 2011 Agenda for teacher training for enterprise and entrepreneurship’, published in Autumn 2011. Malcolm also worked on a Junior Achiever project, the Entrepreneurial School, an initiative which supports  teacher development across Europe.
Malcolm  served on the Advisory Group for Enterprise Education at the Department for Business Innovation and Skills. He is an expert adviser to Entrepreneurship 360, an initiative launched by OECD and the Directorates General Education and Culture and Enterprise at the European Commission. He was also a member of the advisory group working with Lord Young and Number 10 on the review of enterprise education in schools and colleges.

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