Jarle Tømmerbakke SOENT, Belgium and Norway

Jarle Tømmerbakke is involved in several international entrepreneurship education initiatives, mainly at the European level, designing digital teaching materials, supporting new JA organisations and involved in teacher training. He is also leading a project developing EE in Uganda.

Jarle Tømmerbakke worked within teaching both in secondary and vocational education before moving on as a pedagogical developer being responsible for developing curriculum, pedagogical frameworks and leadership training for headmasters. He established and worked as CEO of JA-YE Norway and developed it to be the main provider of entrepreneurship education in the country. During these years, he was in charge of developing programs for students within entrepreneurship. He also worked with the government in drafting national strategies for entrepreneurship education and initiated different research projects or reports on the impact of EE initiatives. He was a member of the former EU expert group on vocational training.

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