Andrea Rosalinde-Hofer Economist, OECD Centre for Entrepreneurship, SMEs and Local Development

Andrea Rosalinde Hofer is working as an economist for OECD Centre for Entrepreneurship, SMEs and Local Development in Italy. She has worked on promoting entrepreneurship through education for the last decade, initially focusing on the role of universities in promoting entrepreneurship through educational activities and start-up support measures. Around 100 higher education institutions have been involved in peer-reviews, surveys and capacity building seminars. The OECD LEED criteria list of good practice in university entrepreneurship support emerged from this; it was incorporated in, a EC-OECD guiding framework for entrepreneurial and innovative higher education institutions. Recently, the OECD work on Skills for Entrepreneurship, which Andrea is co-leading, included earlier levels of education. The aim of Entrepreneurship360, a major initiative of the EC and the OECD, is to establish a development and support tool for primary and secondary schools, and VET colleges to enhance their efforts in promoting entrepreneurial education through more and better teaching and enlarged learning environments. Andrea has led more than 20 OECD peer-review teams, designed innovative approaches to capacity building and (co-) authored several working papers and book chapters on reforms in transition economies, policy frameworks for local entrepreneurship and innovation support, and the role of universities in local economic development.

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