Anne-Lise Cuypers Pedagogical Advisor for Catholic Schools in Limbourg and Antwerp/ Teacher Training Expert

Anne-Lise Cuypers is a pioneer in entrepreneurship education in Flanders/Belgium. She was the co-architect of the Jieha! and programs, which resulted in the participation of several thousands of secondary school students in EE annually. In the conception of new programs, she showed openness towards the business community: what can we, educators and students learn from business and vice versa.  She managed to recruit business volunteers, trained them as mentors to the students in the student companies. In 2009, Anne-Lise Cuypers was rewarded with the Junior Achievement Teacher of the Year Award.

Experience as pedagogical adviser Katholiek Onderwijs Vlaanderen: Anne-Lise Cuypers coaches all schools of the province of Limburg and Antwerp to integrate  entrepreneurship education in the school curricula.  In the position of adviser, she is directoring the pedagogical innovation with a direct impact on the daily class practice and effecting intense entrepreneurial competence development by students in Flanders. Anne-Lise Cuypers is also active in teacher education and trains a new generation of teachers in the state-of-the-art EE. She is also member of the board of directors of the Association of Teachers of Economics.

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